The Glass Works, in three glittering ways:  Circular, Storyboard and Style

     Many of the following three presentations show works that were created in the period before I became a full time reading tutor and channeled my artistic drive into my elementary age students. Most are in private or public collections.  There are recents works too. Since retiring I am able to resume the exploration of creative glass cutting as well as pursue my new love for cutting  paper.  Works are available at    Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild or personally.  

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The Splendors of the Circle
Windows telling Tales 
Windows for the Pure Pleasure of Decoration

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The Salmon Prince/Bear

Enchanted by a Tsimshian Storytelling Button Blanket in an exhibit "Crossroads of the Continents" in 1988, this work from 1994 tells the tale in glass. When Salmon return to their spawning streams the lead fish is reincarnated as a bear, The Prince of the Salmon. Private Collection (in Idaho!)