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Flight 5: When Men go Wild. Acrylic on Canvas 14 x 14 (Red )
Now on Exhibit:  The Cutting World of James M. Frase-White, Emporium Gallery and Framing, South Berwick, Maine now through September 30, 2017
When Men Go Wild

When men go Wild

wildlife go

to shelter safe from sight

 & sound

far beyond

 explosive man


When bombs fall

guns erupt spewing fans

of sinister unending lead

to target foe or innocent

the savage sophisticate

have no aim as they play

the lethal game of death

(now using  flying children’s toys

a chosen wit of the merciless)



When guardians no longer


 join lords of legion

to purify the motherland

the call goes to each side

butchers for their gods

patriots mouth malicious creed


While  humane voices

keel the cry of death

home, mother home they cry

solders sneer with gorey glory

the frightful fight of lords

thinking they,  the masters knights blowing

forth the wind of death, exploding, gassing

loving their destruction, the gods of wrath

jesus & mohammed once again arise

guilt free pawning the fruit of birth

into the vacuum of the void

the barrel of mortality

master, fate, the murder, legal

of  anyone


in the way


While flow aflutter to freedom flies

the birds on wing

the burrowed ones who felt

the rumbling pulse of living earth

low w/in their sacred caves

they scurry, scurry on their way

for safer havens blest

the fleet foot flee

from man’s toy of death

that  sound and vibrate

in ears and core of heart

forced to migrate

out of season

to find a season safe

not a noah ark of godly choice

but their own godly mind





his fevered pace amuck

violent peace in death

no more


World without man

                                                                                                World without mend

                                                                                                No men

                                                                                                No men to mend


Law has changed

When the planet’s growing pains

Give birth again

alter life’s expected role

slowly without men

who raced to death

wildlife once again

shall live


go free







Painting/Cutting completed my 70th birthday, 20 April 2017


Poem Completed 3 May 2017

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