A Show of early works in a Variety of Mediums

           This begins with the evolution of one of my more ambitious  papercut works.  The joy of paper cutting evolved from a fun way to amuse and educate children to a genuine art form that would facilitate inspiration of   ideas that seem natural in my hands..  A random form may usurp an idea and spawn a different creation, with the slice of a scissor blade.

               In the past years I have begun again to navigate watercolor, and examples are added.   The bottom slideshow time travels back to earlier works, exploring several mediums. Click on the text to enlarge and begin a slide show.

The Apocolypse Rumor: Medieval Meditations with 9/11 in sight
 Prophets   Rumors Flamingoes Butterflies Flying Fish Daemons Angels 
Hop in the Tardis, we are going back in Time

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Little Miss Paula's Picnic Daemon

A famous & beloved chef gets roasted by the press when words from the past sabotage today's good fortune. A little satire on the daemons that lurk in the closets of our minds who come to the picnic without an invitation. It is a sad satire on the legacy of Jim Crow (and a play on the word pickaninny). Due to fading of paper choices the work has been redone in acrylic on canvas. See Recent Works.