A Show of early works in a Variety of Mediums

           This begins with the evolution of one of my more ambitious  papercut works.  The joy of paper cutting evolved from a fun way to amuse and educate children to a genuine art form that would facilitate inspiration of   ideas that seem natural in my hands..  A random form may usurp an idea and spawn a different creation, with the slice of a scissor blade.

               In the past years I have begun again to navigate watercolor, and examples are added.   The bottom slideshow time travels back to earlier works, exploring several mediums. Click on the text to enlarge and begin a slide show.

The Apocolypse Rumor: Medieval Meditations with 9/11 in sight
 Prophets   Rumors Flamingoes Butterflies Flying Fish Daemons Angels 
Hop in the Tardis, we are going back in Time

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Uncle Finbarr

Uncle Finbarr was Inspired by a red-headed fisherman who worked in our restaurant kitchen, in Newburyport, MA, one winter, who always dreamed of catching "Mr. Tuna" (who he would talk to under his breath as he did his prep work). For you, dear Freddie and your magic dreams of the Ocean. This has been revised and enlarged, and sealed in acrylic, in 2017, turning to Lord Finbarr.